Thoughts for Thursday...

Still dying to go to the pool but definitely not complaining about the fall-like temperatures these past few weeks. We've had so many opportunities to visit the zoo and explore different parks around the area without sweating to death!

I am feeling old this week. For the first time in my life I am SORE FROM GARDENING. Ha! 

The house we bought was beautifully landscaped, but there was one little pocket in the back that didn't have any color and looked a bit overgrown. After dinner the other night I pulled out one of the bushes/saplings/whatever-it-was. Then another. Before I knew it, I had an enormous empty patch of dirt. Oops.

 We headed over to Home Depot (where Catfish randomly screamed at a butterfly and scared the snot out of everyone within 15 feet) and were excited to find all of the shrubs on sale for 50% off! I've wanted a Rose of Sharon bush pretty much ever since we bought our first house and finally pulled the trigger.

Yesterday Sweet thing and I planted the Rose of Sharon, a rhododendron, a big hydrangea, about ten hostas, four big day lilies and some other little flowers. 
Fingers crossed that everything fills in as nicely as we hope!
We headed down to our favorite farmer's market for some broccoli and got a little sidetracked visiting the park down the street. We met a family who shared with us that there is a small path from the back of the park leading down to the Miami River. Couldn't pass up that adventure!

How cool is this?!

 The girls had a blast hurling rocks into the water. My sweet little "officer" Sweet Thing was very concerned about the legality of other kids wading into the water...She is a hoot.
 We hung out for awhile before heading back up to the park for a treat.
 We are all about the snow cones these days. Across from the park is the cutest little snow cone stand. Makes you feel like you're on a little vacation every time you sit back in the brightly colored adirondack chairs and wait for your yummy dessert.
 And checking out the color of your tongue never gets old.
 This next picture is for everyone who thinks my girls are always smiling and picture ready. Ha! For every perfect picture, you get one that just ends up being "perfect". Hilarious.
Loving listening to this these's Jack Antonoff from Fun, and the video is pretty entertaining too. If I can get my tush back in gear, it'd be great running music!
In other news, we are now in the final stretch before Sweet Thing starts kindergarten. I feel like throwing up every time I look at a calendar. Man, it goes crazy fast. I know she was in daycare full-time while I worked, but this feels so different. A totally epic moment.

This pretty much says it all.
On top of it, this is the first time (maternity leaves notwithstanding) in almost a decade where I haven't been starting the school year as a teacher. I am happy, happy, happy to be home with my family, but it's definitely a surreal feeling not working! 

Found this awhile back and meant to post it on my special education classroom blog but never had the chance. Just thought I'd throw it into my Thoughts for Thursday blog just because!
 Happy almost-weekend!

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