Zoo Obsession

You'll have to pardon the quality of the pictures for this post- our zoo is crazy hilly, and the thought of carrying my camera on top of all of the other stuff we bring on a zoo trip was exhausting! 

We adore our zoo and have been there about five times since moving here a month ago. We love our membership, particularly not feel pressured to see every exhibit on every visit. I am directionally challenged and have had to use my GPS every time we've gone. I swear it's trying to get us killed by taking us a) a different way each time, b) through the roughest neighborhoods and c) NEVER past a drive-thru Starbucks. 
We, like pretty much every human being within a 30 mile radius, had the bright idea of heading down to the zoo on this 80 degree July day. Despite the crowds, we had a great time checking out some of our favorite exhibits. We took our best friends from our old state to the zoo a few weeks ago, and Sweet Thing was amazed that her six-year-old friend walked around the entire zoo without hopping in our wagon once. She made up her mind that today was the day that she came of age and rejected all other modes of zoo transportation. It was a beautiful thing not to have to drag our wagon up and down the zoo's many hills!
 As a fan of RHONY, I was amused/horrified to hear my sweet girl yell "Turtle Time!" when she saw that the giant turtle was outside visiting. She and her sister were so sweet and gentle with the turtle, making many promises to tell Franklin (our stinky turtle) all about their new friend.
 Sweet Thing is obsessed with the peacocks that meander through the zoo. They make the most unnerving noises (which the Catfish loves to imitate ad nauseum) that sounds somewhat like a crying baby. Sweet Thing counted seven on today's visit and was tickled when I told her the peacocks were probably coming out to see her because she was dressed like them!
 These two love a good sister pic- they definitely have moments when I feel like I should be buying them sparring gear, but I often catch them holding hands and sweetly mugging for the camera. To be honest, we did have to have some discussions about accidental headlocks when being directed to "put your arm around your sister". I have now learned to say "put your arm around your sister, but make sure you don't choke her out this time!"
 Who doesn't love to brush goats? Ha! These two were DYING to go to the Children's Zoo to paw through the big bin of hairbrushes for the perfect goat-brushing tool. Sweet Thing zeroed in on a pink brush, while the Catfish chose sparkly purple. They must've spent 25 minutes carefully brushing each goat in the pen.
 On this visit, we spent some time in the manatee house checking out the underwater view and playing some manatee games. I love all of the interactive tools at our zoo- the kids had a great time exploring!
Next up, the carousel! The girls had a great time waving at everyone from their perch atop "Mr. Eagle" and "Ms. Tiger". Thank goodness our membership allows us unlimited rides! 
 After a quick lunch, we headed over to the train. Hindsight is 20/20- it was a super horrible idea to try the train at 12:30 since it's right next to the main dining area...will certainly attempt to retain that information for our next visit! We waited oh-so-patiently for our turn, entertaining ourselves by hanging upside down (in dresses, I have to add) and repeatedly asking when our turn would be. 
By some act of divine intervention, we ended up first in line for our ride. There was much huddled plotting as we waited for our turn, and, the minute the gate opened, the girls bee-lined for the very first seats. This marked the second time during our visit that Sweet Thing proclaimed "THIS is the best day of my life!!"
It's a big deal to wave at passerby when riding the zoo train. Like a really big deal. This little catfish will not let me put my arm around her or touch her in any way lest I interrupt her while she holds court from her train car. Hilarious.
Clearly a good time was had by this girl! She was out before we left the parking lot! With no hope for an at-home nap, we took our sweet time driving home on local roads and just exploring more of our new city. 
What's your favorite thing about your local zoo?

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  1. Sounds fun, reminds me of Brookfield with the peacocks running around!