Stained Glass Window Hangings

We had A LOT of rain this weekend, so it was time to raid the craft desk and make some art in our pjs!
 We grew some sweet peas in hanging window terrariums early in the summer and needed something to hang up in our breakfast area once we took our terrariums down. I've always loved hanging crafts (and I happened to buy several packs of Press 'n Seal last week), so making "stained glass" pictures was perfect.

For this craft you'll need:
 Press 'n Seal
 a hole punch
 construction paper 
string or pipe cleaner
 We had just watched a show about shapes, so the girls chose a rectangle and circle for their picture. I used scalloping scissors to cut out each frame shape twice.
  Next we spent some time tearing up the colored tissue paper.
 I always keep the tissue from gifts- comes in so handy at craft time!
 I covered one frame with Press 'n Seal
 then added glue,
 spreading it evenly over the surface.
 Then the girls went to town carefully laying out different pieces of torn tissue to cover the surface.
 Here they are, hard at work!
 Next I added a second sheet of Press 'n Seal and glued the other frame on top. The girls smoothed out the surface with their hands.
 When everything was dry, I hole punched each picture then threaded it with a sparkly pipe cleaner. 
 Look how cute they turned out! 
 I love the way the light shines through! We had some fun, printed tissue paper that worked really well for this craft.
The girls are really enjoying sitting at the breakfast table admiring their work!
 You can pretty much use any shape or color scheme to fit the occasion. I think Valentine's Day hearts or Halloween pumpkins would be adorable!


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