Thoughts for Thursday...

While in the Starbucks drive-thru earlier in the week, Sweet Thing was again planning her future vocational endeavors. After quickly ruling out a) the train station and b) the grocery store, she narrowed her interests to either Starbucks barista or smiley-face maker (more commonly known as receipt checker) at Sam's Club. When I told her I was very excited about the prospect of free coffee, she matter of factly replied, "You'll be dead by then." That conversation made me want to have both a Starbucks and a bottle of wine.
On Friday night, hubby and I had a much-anticipated date night at our new favorite place.
  I contemplated the menu for a good 15 minutes before finally settling on the exact same thing I have been ordering in Thai restaurants since the beginning of time Pad Thai. So delicious!

Because I am obsessed with Thai food these days, I thought I'd give it a try at home. We have an incredible international grocery store in our new city, so I was able to find all of the spices I needed without breaking the bank or having to go to a million and one stores!

Here's my attempt:
Panang Tofu, Chicken Satay, Cucumber Salad and Chicken Pad Thai
We also attended our first neighborhood party since moving here a little over a month ago. It was SO MUCH FUN. The kids had a blast, and we met so many nice people. They also ate their weight in sugar.
 The girls decorated their bikes (thank you, Hobby Lobby 4th of July clearance!), 
posed for the obligatory sister picture,
engaged in some corn-on-the-cob devouring,
 and, of course, some alphabet-writing! Awesome night!
Here's a fun little moment from our grocery trip this week- 
this kid is too much!
 Yesterday we headed to a fantastic farm with play structures, pony rides, a petting zoo and interactive garden. I wore a sweater and was cold. In July. In the midwest. Not that I'm complaining since I can't remember a mid-July day spent outside where I wasn't hot and sweaty.

The girls ate their snack in style in the back of the wagon that took us around the property. We were early birds, arriving at 9:30am, so we had the ride all to ourselves. It was wonderful!
My girls have a bounty of fun nicknames, including "the turkeys", so I took great pleasure snapping this picture!

 And this is photographic proof that my little Catfish is growing up! She told me she wanted to ride the pony alone and was so proud of herself. Not bad for the girl who is loving called a "Stage 5 Clinger" by her big sister.
It looks like the oppressive heat will return next week, so we will be gearing up for consecutive pool days. It's a rough life sometimes!

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