Weekend Wrap-Up: 4th Festivities!

I never miss an opportunity to break out the food coloring, and our 4th of July BBQ was no exception! 

We had some sweet friends in town visiting who stopped over to see the new house early in the day. Since it's never too early for treats at our house, we served red, white and blue cupcakes and quite possibly my favorite dessert in the world, strawberry-blueberry cake.
I had more than enough cupcakes, so I saved some for our evening guests. Sweet Thing and I whipped up some pizelles to go along with our colored marshmallows .
They made for some yummy s'mores (although it took my husband a little while to get over the fact that the marshmallows weren't their usual white).
While this little Catfish went crazy over our brightly colored marshmallows!
 It was awesome until I had to extricate the melted goo from her hair while she rolled around like an alligator.
Our sweet new neighbor, Ms. J. surprised us with this fun decoration! Sweet Thing got a huge kick out of posing for a picture with him.
We had incredible weather this 4th of July weekend. I don't think there's ever been a July that I can remember where it hasn't been oppressively humid and hot. I actually went to the fireworks in jeans and a fleece! Despite the unseasonably cool temperatures, we indulged in some yummy frozen ice!
My ladyfriends thoroughly enjoyed some sparkler dancing after our BBQ. 

 After the excitement of fireworks and guests on Friday and Saturday, we spent a lazy (my husband would disagree since he was the main paddler) Sunday on a nearby lake paddle boating, picnicking and playing on the playground. 

Did you do anything memorable this 4th of July weekend?

Thanks for reading!

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