Creamy Dill Cucumber Salad

My little herb garden is currently overrun by dill. Not that I'm complaining, since it's made for a summer filled with yummy dips and salads! 

See all those random stalks of dill all over the place?!

I am pretty obsessed with cucumber salad these days, but I usually stick to Asian ingredients and pair the salad with Thai pastas and grilled salmon. For our 4th of July barbecue, I decided to branch out and try something a little different to serve with shishkebab (and, well, any chance to use some of my bounty of dill is welcomed!). As you can see, I couldn't go too far from my staples and made sure to include some rice vinegar in my recipe! 

Here's what you need: 
3 English cucumbers (the ones that are shrink-wrapped- they are awesome because you don't have to peel them or worry about pesky seeds).
a good handful of cherry tomatoes, sliced lengthwise
5 tablespoons of sour cream (you can use nonfat Greek yogurt instead)
1/4 cup sliced sweet onion (you can play around with amounts based on what you life)
1-2 tablespoons of dill
1/2 tsp. Kosher salt
1 1/2 tablespoons rice vinegar
3/4 tsp. sugar
pepper to taste
Just slice the veggies up and toss them together. Mix the vinegar, sugar, salt, pepper and sour cream then pour over the veggies. Stir and refrigerate for at least 30 minutes before serving. 
Such an easy and simple summer recipe! I served it with shish-kebab and a Mediterranean brown rice. Yum!
What's your favorite summer salad?