Thoughts for Thursday...

I've been toying with a few different "regular post" ideas and have decided to try out a "Thoughts for Thursday". Throughout the week random things will happen, thoughts will occur to me or my kids will say something funny...None of these things on its own would be enough for an entire blog post, so I thought I'd dump it all into a random post a week. Here goes:

Look at this little sassy-pants! She kills me. Yesterday we were in the car driving to Kroger. I asked Sweet Thing if she wanted to explore the area a little bit before we went shopping. Her response? 
"Nah, let's just get this show on the road!"
Kinda thinking the teenage years might do me in... 
 We had successfully made it past the I could smack the snot out of whoever invented it toy car cart on our grocery run when these little ladyfriends of mine spotted the dreaded tiny carts.  I caved as a result of their cuteness and spent the entirety of our trip hastily apologizing to everyone we ran over and left in our wake. The girls had a blast, so it was definitely worth it...
But man, am I thankful for this!
In other news, I had a major score this week in the nursery department at the grocery store (I am realizing in writing this post that it sounds like all I do is grocery shop. Uh oh.) Lately I've been checking out the clearance perennials just to see if there's anything good (more about my gardening adventures another time- we happened to buy a house with incredible landscaping, and I now live in fear of messing it up with my inexperience!). Look at what I found for $2/plant!
Hopefully these beauties will bloom next summer...until then I will make an attempt at patience!

We've been having crazy nice weather lately- nothing like the oppressive July heat we experienced last year. Kind of a bummer since this is the first year we've had a neighborhood pool, but definitely a plus for our zoo membership! Since we're new to this state, we've been on a mission to explore the local parks and have been super impressed by how beautiful and expansive they are!

Here we are at our new favorite, the aptly named Eden Park. The girls LOVED the little playground and gorgeous pond.
This is the view from the top of the park. Unbelievable. 
On a funny note, my husband pointed out to the girls that the land across the river is Kentucky. Now, whenever we see a body of whatever (regardless of size), the girls are convinced that anything on the other side MUST be Kentucky!

We're not only enjoying the parks out here, but we're loving our new backyard. Look who showed up last night while I was planting my lilies?
One-Eyed Willie the Frog
And then this happened.
Hope you are all having a wonderful week!

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