Valentine's Day Heart Butterflies

We had a stay-in-your-pajamas-all-day kind of day on Sunday which definitely called for some crafting! After we finished prepping the girls' school Valentines, the girls and I got to work making some fun, festive Valentine's Day heart butterflies for our breakfast room windows (after being inspired by a craft The Catfish brought home from preschool last week). These butterflies were easy and fun and can easily be adapted for Spring and Summer based on what you have on hand.
The girls were smitten with this little project, working diligently for an hour straight!
Super fine motor for little hands- lots of sticker peeling, picking up tiny objects and gluing them to the hearts...

You will need:
1 popsicle stick for each butterfly
two medium-sized foam hearts
assorted stickers (we used $1 sticker books and sparkly foam hearts)
small doilies
one pipe cleaner (or two if you want to get crazy and twist them together!)
any other fun beads or decorations
hot glue gun and sticks (optional for a little adult help at the end!)

The best part about this craft is that, once you've gotten the basic butterfly shape by cutting the tips off of two hearts and gluing them to a popsicle stick, the decorating possibilities are endless!
The girls had a great time making patterns with fun Valentine's Day stickers (thank you, Michaels $1 sticker books!).
They glued on some sparkly decorations I had in our craft cabinet...
I'm not sure if those are wings or leaves, but they're cute and sparkly, so they worked just fine!
And you should always craft in a homemade hat. 
It's true.
You can never have too many puffy stickers...
Just ask this sticker-obsessed little Catfish.
The girls carefully decorated their popsicle sticks with markers.
Then did more stickers...
And, of course, some more gluing!
Pardon the super awful manicure here... 
To make the antennae, I wrapped sparkly pipe cleaners around a marker.
We even busted out some doilies I had leftover from last year.

Here are the finished butterflies!
And here are my sweet, sweet butterfly-makers!
The girls pretty much love anything involving glue and/or stickers, so this project was pretty close to perfect. 
We gifted one to our sweet neighbors, Sweet Thing brought one to school for show-and-tell, and the other two hang proudly on the window next to the kitchen table.



  1. You have sweet little artist there and the projects look fun.

  2. So cute. Even though I have boys, I think they will love doing this on Saturday.

  3. Such a cute project for the little ones. Your girls are adorable - love their butterflies. Cathy

  4. I used to make these with my class when I taught! It was always a hit!

  5. So cute.. My girls have loved to craft from a young age, and at 13 and 18 they are still crafting.. Even at 13 my youngest still likes to make butterflies.. :)

  6. These turned out darling but even better is the time you spent with the kiddos.
    Happy Valentine's Day!
    Karen Marie