A Little Laughter to Help You Through Your Day...

1 teacher work-day + 1 holiday + 4 snow days + 1 delay = 1 exhausted mama!

That's the kind of math I'm working with these days...

I have been working on a few DIY/recipe posts, but I thought I'd take a break today and share some of my favorite funnies. Even if you haven't been stuck in -25 degree wind chills and seemingly endless snow, ice and wind, I'm sure you can use a good giggle!

Here we go!

I find this one especially funny since, most days, my kindergartner gets off the bus and announces "You have no idea how hard I had to work today!"
It's a rough life they lead!

I do this. 
That is all.
Both of my children call jail "the pokey" and talk about getting sent there to "turn yourself around".
Never gets old.
 Um, exactly.
Because Tom Ford says that "dressing well is a sign of good manners".
I had a snazzy hot pink and purple windbreaker that carried me through my late elementary years...
I alternated that outfit with my stirrup pants. 
 I would do this, but it'd probably make me cry along with the kids.
We don't waste our candy in my house!
I would; however, totally pretend to toss the candy and eat it myself.
I feel this parent's pain.
 Try it. 
I dare you.

Hope you had at least one tiny giggle here. 
Happy Wednesday!


  1. Where are you? I did a quick check of the thermometer and ... that's cold in Celsius or Fahrenheit! We're actually warming up today to just about the freezing mark, but we were at the same temperature as you yesterday. And we got a shock this morning - they canceled school today because of the cold and snow!

    I love the poor grammar book. :D

  2. Haha ! Loved all the funnies :D The weather is better here in my part of the world with sun peeking in about here and there.:)Thanks for sharing!

  3. Thanks, ladies! I'm in Cincinnati, where it is currently unspeakably cold ;) Looks like there some warmer days in the 15 day forecast, so I'm hopeful! Marie and Zakkiya, where are you ladies?

  4. How funny and wish you lived in Florida. Keep warm.