DIY: Dresser Refresh!

Check it out!
I painted an entire dresser and didn't have to throw it out afterward, ha!

When we moved into our new home this summer, the sweet former owners left us this long dresser in the basement bedroom. In order to remove this piece from the basement, it would pretty much need to be destroyed to get it up the stairs (as it was down there before the basement was remodeled). I've been dying to get my hands on a piece of furniture that I could update without fear of destroying something I paid for or a piece that I loved.
 Low stakes here, people, it's the way to go!

This laminate dresser had some imperfections beyond its dated color including drill holes from a mounted tv and discolored drawer pulls. 

I knew this would be the perfect piece for getting my feet wet and practicing with wood filler, sanding, priming, the whole nine yards.
And, I even got to bust out some spray paint.
I started by removing all of the hardware.

Then I wiped down all of the surfaces, so that I could get a good look at any imperfections.
I used the following tools and spent about $30 total (the paint itself was $23, so the next furniture rehab should cost me next to nothing in supplies!)
You can find similar items here:

I used wood filler and a putty knife to fill in the drill holes. 
I used spackle on a similar piece after this dresser was completed and was equally happy with the results. 
After it dried, I sanded it down until the surface was smooth. 
I used a foam sanding block. I can't say enough good things about using a foam sanding block- so easy!
After a second wipe-down to remove any debris from sanding, I used a 4" foam roller to prime the entire dresser.
I also primed each drawer. 
Keep in mind this is a pretty large piece, and I barely used 1/4 of the quart of primer I purchased. AND, I gave it two coats!
I found myself wishing this piece had some curved edges and detailing, but the ornate side table I painted after this made me super thankful that my first project was all rectangles!
For my very favorite part, I laid out my hardware, took it outside and gave it two good coats of Krylon ColorMax Metallic Silver.
Having used this and Rustoleum, I think I am a little partial to the Rustoleum.
I picked a pretty blue at Home Depot that they couldn't match at Lowe's (figures!).
This was the closest they could come- I envisioned a shade or two darker, but I'm happy with the result.
Here's an awful picture of me hard at work, sans makeup, in my painting clothes. 
Thanks, Catfish.
Here she is after two coats!
And here's a closer look at the hardware. 
It was stinking cold when I sprayed the pulls, so I may take them back off and respray once the weather warms up a bit.
And, voila!
Coming soon- an update on a sweet little bedside table given to my by my lovely neighbor, J.

This piece definitely proves that you can easily (and inexpensively!) update just about anything in your home!


  1. Wow! This looks awesome! Great job!

  2. You did a great job on this piece. The new color really freshens it up! Well done!
    Tami @ Curb Alert!

  3. Nice job! I'm a fan of natural wood but there are times when it's just not worth it to strip and re-varnish it.

  4. You did a great job - love the transformation and the color is beautiful. Cathy

  5. It looks amazing! I like that idea of getting your feet wet with a piece that didn't cost you anything... I might have to try that too :)

  6. I LOVE seeing retro furniture being revived and rescued. Very nice!