Organize It!

I'm always looking for ideas (usually on Pinterest, ha!) to improve my home's organization. 
I definitely admit that I'm more than a little Type A about certain things, so keeping my house clean and organized is always on my list. 
 I try to find ways to organize that make my life easier and allow me to spend more time on shenanigans with my little ladies. 


I'm finding more and more that it's so much easier to keep my house clean when I don't have to hunt down my cleaning supplies. In our old house I had all of the supplies in a central location, so it was easy to brush off an opportunity for a quick clean because I didn't have the tools within arm's reach.

In our new house (we've been here since June, but I'll probably call it our "new house" until the end of time, ha!), I keep bins with cleaning supplies in each bathroom and also in the laundry room. Thanks to our home's sweet former owners, we also have paper towel holders in several convenient locations (master bath, laundry room), making it easy and convenient to wipe down surfaces as needed.

Bathroom storage:
I've always been the kind of shopper who is sure she is out of something then, after purchasing that item, returns home to find four of that exact item lurking in four different places. By labeling bins for specific needs (like "body care", "hair care", "kids medicines", etc.), I'm able to figure out what exactly what I need (or don't need!) with a quick glance.
 I was always digging around for brushes until I decided to just store them on the vanity in a small vase filled with sand. I even stick my eyeliner in there for easy access!
So easy and convenient!
To make my life easier and also to pretty up my vanity, I picked up this little silver plate to hold my everyday lotion, hand soap and almost empty perfume. I love it because I can just grab the whole tray and wipe down the vanity without having to remove each item separately every time I clean.

 In the Kitchen:

I keep my cereals in easy-pour containers and the kids snacks in resealable bags in labeled baskets. Cuts way down on the space needed to store all of our pantry items once the boxes are discarded.
Juice boxes and fruit pouches live in this little plastic bin- easy for storage and for little hands to access.
All of my pasta and rice is contained in see-through jars. If I can't easily see the contents, I cut out the label and tape it to the outside of the container.
I keep all of my spices in plastic containers so that I can access them easily (this is one of my few cabinets that doesn't have pull-out shelves). It's also a plus because anytime a spice container tips, the spill is contained! I can also take the whole tray out to check expiration dates or grab a spice that's way in the back. 

My girls:

I spent the first two years of my firstborn's life obsessively collecting every piece of artwork she produced and moving it to successively bigger boxes as the collection grew. If I'd continued at that pace, we'd have nowhere to sit in my house! 
I bought two crates, some hanging file folders and got to work making a file for each year of the girls education (and also daycare & pre-K). I keep about 5-10 pieces of art for each file (ok, maybe closer to 10-15!), mainly anything with a hand print because I'm a sucker for tiny paws!
 I love this system so far!

You can find most of my organizational tools on Amazon- check out AmazonMom while you're at it! It's almost like having a free Prime membership!

Here are some of my favorite products:

How do you organize your space?


  1. We're in the middle of redoing our kitchen. I think we could really use some of those slide out drawers - it's so hard to see in there!!!! Pinning for when we finally get to pick out the cabinets!

  2. All great tips! I see a few I am going to incorporate!

  3. My home is in some DESPERATE need of organizing! Like DESPERATE! I love all of your great tips and I even made a couple notes of things I wanted to try! Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. I need a little organizing in my room. I think your tips will be perfect. :D