Some Funnies and an Egg Hunt

I am loving every minute of these warm, sunny days...
Wine on the deck, bike riding in the cul-de-sac and bulbs emerging from the ground everywhere you look.
It's the best.

 I've seen this next one over and over, and it never stops being amusing.
 This one made me giggle out loud.
I think they may be onto something here...
Sounds about right.
 I have eaten roughly four bags of these babies in the weeks leading up to Easter.
They are killing me.
And shame on you, Target, for putting them on sale for 25% off this week.
And thanks.
Because it's been awhile since I've shared fun pics of my sweet girls outside of the kitchen, I thought I'd show you some of the pics from an impromptu egg hunt we had one beautiful 70 degree afternoon last week.

Hope you all have a Happy Easter/Passover!

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  1. That first comic is my all time favorite! Happy Easter!