Easter Weekend Recap!

We had a fantastic Easter week around here (and there!).
We were lucky enough to participate in three egg hunts and had Grandma and Gigi in town to help us dye eggs.
Look at the concentration and those eyelashes just kill me!

Sweet Catfish and her purple nails...
I love that this is their favorite pose- these hams crack me up!
We had some gorgeous weather perfect for egg hunting before almost a week of rain.
And, because we traveled to see family for Easter, the bunny came to our house a little early.
We had a VERY special dinner with Sweet Thing's godmother up in Chicago.
Aunt J and Uncle E own two FANTASTIC restaurants on the north side of the city, Mott Street and Ruxbin Kitchen.
We had the amazing experience of joining Uncle E as he had dinner at Mott for the FIRST TIME EVER AS A DINER. 
Very cool!
We ate ourselves into a massive food coma, and it was totally delicious.
Uncle E created some of the most amazing dishes we've ever eaten (yes, I'm biased, but I also adore food as you all know...I can definitely spot the good stuff!) fusing Korean and Mexican flavors with classic French techniques into dishes like these ooey, gooey K Street Empanadas.
This kohlrabi salad was spicy, fresh and layered with incredible flavors.
And I pretty much have no words to describe this rich, meaty mushroom dish. 
I have to say, I've never seen Sweet Thing eat so much in her life.
Stuffed to the gills, we took a pic with Aunt J and Uncle E before heading out to Grandma's in the burbs. 
Such a lovely evening with people who mean the world to us.
On Saturday we had the pleasure of celebrating my sweet sister-in-law's first baby.
How stinking pretty is Auntie (soon-to-be mama) Bee?!
My girls are beyond excited to have another girl cousin!
It was another day of yummy indulgence...
Check out the beaded bracelet on my other lovely SIL...made by Sweet Thing at age 2.
And of course, there was Prosecco...
Sweet Thing just adores her Auntie Bee.
And there were peeps on Easter Sunday...
Gigi spoiled the girls with crafts, an egg hunt and a basket brimming with fun treats!
I bribed my little darlings to sit for a few pics...
We had some hilarious outtakes...
This was my favorite shot of the day.
I brought desserts, taking over my poor MIL's kitchen to make them on Easter morning!
We returned home to Spring in full swing...
I was adding some yellow accents to my door decoration when I noticed this adorable little nest with three eggs inside.

I also snipped a few daffodils for my kitchen. 
Love the sunshiny yellow!

Hope your weekend is fantastic!


  1. You guys had such a full Easter week. Sounds like it was lots of fun surrounded by those you love. And your daughter is just too precious!

  2. Looks like you had an amazing weekend! :)

  3. Looks like a fun weekend. Love those daffodils! Can't wait until ours come out... hopefully in the next few weeks.