I Survived the Lilly Pulitzer for Target Launch!

So this weekend marked the launch of the Lilly Pulitzer for Target line.
 Since this:
 I thought I'd go check it out. 
I talked to the barista at my local Target Starbucks who told me that when the Neiman Marcus line launched, you could pretty much hear crickets.

Since I'm definitely not one for long lines, crazy shoppers or anything Black Friday related, I thought, based on what I'd heard about previous Target launches, It'd be a safe bet to check out this launch a little before the store opened.
Little did I know that it would be a MADHOUSE. 
Apparently the website crashed, sending everyone who ordinarily would have purchase online racing to the nearest Target.
I'm SO glad I didn't!
The line was filled with "ladies who lunch" and coeds, and the conversation was hilarious!
Some of the ladies brought along pastel plates and pastel donuts...
Others speculated about the sizes of the women ahead of them in line to try and determine their likelihood of finding their size.
Apparently only one size in each garment was available...Insanity.

Despite the craziness (yes, I saw a woman get shoved with a shopping cart, two ladies (I use that term loosely) nearly rip apart a dress, 
I think my favorite part was watching a woman get clipped with a cart and subsequently smacked with the cart-pusher's bag...the pusher offered an utterly insincere apology to which the recipient of the cart/purse smack responded "I think you meant SORRY, NOT SORRY!". 

At the end of the day, my diligence paid off, and I left with some super cute (and totally reasonably priced) items for the girls and me.
How cute is this sweet little maxi?! 
Somehow I managed to snag both the 4 and 5T sizes!!!

 I wanted this cute little dress, but I relinquished it to a girl who couldn't have been more than 14. Adorable!
 Picked up these sweet little shorts for my girls- my big kid was super excited, but my little one wants me to return them, boo.
Got myself a pair too- love, love, love how soft and light these are!
Also, I have to say that I am over-the-moon for their elastic waistband! 
That sounds awful, but they are the comfiest shorts ever.
Also picked up this adorable pair of eyelet shorts.
I have a feeling these will be worn ALL THE TIME this summer!
Again...elastic waistband ;)
 And this dress, sigh....
Pardon the awesome farmer's tan I'm rocking in this pic- went boating sans sunscreen yesterday. 
Lesson learned.
Anyway, back to the dress...
Can't believe I managed to snag it in my size. Nearly broke my arm reaching for it!!
Not the bag of mini-bagels near my purse, ha!
Not a bad day when you can buy grocery items and designer duds in one fell swoop!
On the way out of the dressing room I was accosted no less than five times by women demanding to know if I planned to buy the items in my arms. 
It was wild!
So I survived the madness and mayhem of the Lilly launch.
Was it worth it?
Will I ever do this again? 
Not likely!
Here's hoping I can sneak one in later, ha!


  1. Madness! :-) Glad you survived! I love Lily, but a friend of mine who works at Target said people were camped out hours before opening. I just don't get it. #firstworldproblems :-) You got some cute things, though. Enjoy!

  2. Wonder where she was! I only waited for about 15 min, so it wasn't a big deal :)

  3. Wonder where she was! I only waited for about 15 min, so it wasn't a big deal :)

  4. This post made me chuckle a few times. Thank you. Glad your "experience" yielded success

  5. That sounds like my own personal nightmare! I thought the bathing suit picture I saw from that clothes line looked super cute but meh. lines. People. Yuck. Haha. I do love the dress you've got on!

    I did see someone trying to sell a $25 beach towel from that line for $50 yesterday... Lol.

  6. I have been hearing all about this line. I had never heard of her till yesterday, but she does have some cute stuff in her line.