Winter Decor Update and a Super Simple DIY!

The holiday season has officially come to a close.
 Although I'm sad to see it go, I'm excited to decorate for Winter, especially since it's our first Winter season in our new house. 
I tried to re-purpose anything I could from the Christmas season and found that there were quite a few things I had out for the holidays that would also work until Spring makes her entrance. 

Here's how I reworked my kitchen decor:
I added a bud vase with a white faux hydrangea leftover from a different project. I changed out the wine bottle holding the gold branches from dark green to silver (thank you, my good friend, spray paint!). I emptied the hurricane vase that previously held ornaments and added a little fake snow and a boring white candle that I spray painted gold (see below for instructions on this project). I placed the bud case and sweet little cupcake block on a white tray embossed with snowflakes. 
Total cost: $0

For the hurricane, I mixed Epsom salt in a gallon Ziploc with a good sprinkle of silver glitter. After pouring the mixture into the hurricane, I wiped down an old white (now yellowish) candle with rubbing alcohol and wrapped the wick with tinfoil. 
I took the candle outside and placed it in the lid of an old cardboard box before giving it two coats of Krylon, fifteen minutes apart.
 Can you tell I have a pretty major obsession with Krylon?!
Once the candle dried, I removed the tinfoil and placed it in the faux snow.
For the downstairs bathroom, I just swapped out the hand soap, towels and made a few minor adjustments.
I refuse to part with this tiny reindeer. Not yet.
The candle next to the reindeer was a very special gift sent from my sweet childhood friend in the UK. 
It smells incredible!
You may have noticed that I love my reindeer the way I love my Krylon, so why fight it?
I exchanged the green and gold miniature ornaments for some small gold pine cones (thank you, sweet neighbor, J.!) and added a wintry snow globe. 
And I had to put these beauties back in our dining room. 
I love that the gold runner I bought before Christmas will work through the winter months!
And a little more spray painting happened.
This time with some leftover blue spray paint from a garden tag project I did this summer. I added some sage green ($3.47 at Meijer) and brought the whole arrangement back to the living room. 
I changed out the living room wreath (formerly silver bay leaves) for a hydrangea wreath I made last summer.
Finally, I updated our mantle with a fun little floral arrangement made from a rectangular basket and four hydrangea stems. I left out a few of the Christmas vases/candle holders and moved the bay wreath in from the dining room. 
And yes, our tree is still up....Baby steps.


  1. These are great ideas and I share your love of Krylon!

  2. Krylon is always one of quick and easy go to's for painting too...Great winter tips!