Game Day Fave: My Absolute Favorite Salsa Recipe

Game day food is the BEST, isn't it?!
Any time I make either Mexican or apps, I always include my super quick and simple salsa. I'm a make-it-from-scratch kind of girl 99% of the time, but I absolutely swear by Rotel as my go-to for a quick and yummy salsa any day of the year! This has passed the husband test, the mother-in-law test and has earned compliments from every guest I've fed it to over the years. The ingredients are super accessible, and it only takes a few minutes to whip together. 
Spicy, garlicky, brightly acidic from the fresh lime...Delicious!

You'll need:
1 can of Rotel (feel free to go crazy and use the hot kind if you'd like!)
1-2 garlic cloves
a 1" chunk of red onion (roughly two tablespoons)
the juice of half a lime
Kosher salt
black pepper

To assemble, have your little sous chef pour the Rotel into a mini-Cuisinart (or your blender!). Then add the red onion.
Help her squeeze the lime.
Fun tip- kids love to roll the lime all over the counter- do it!
 It breaks up the membranes inside giving you a ton of extra lime juice!
Don't freak out when she drops the lime into the bowl, ha!
Add a good pinch of Kosher salt.
Grind in some pepper.
Make a face like a complete goober as you mix up your salsa!
Keep mixing, keep making weird faces...
You're done! Pour it into a bowl and serve!
This salsa is fantastic on a breakfast burrito, on nachos or served with corn chips.
If you're so inclined, the mini-Cuisinart we're using for this recipe can be purchased here:
It is my hands-down favorite kitchen tool.
I honestly use it almost daily, and it's been going strong for over six years! More on this in my upcoming Kitchen Tips and Tricks Post!

Happy Game Day cooking, friends!


  1. Ro-tel must be an American company because I have never seen that stuff up here. If I could find it, I bet my husband would love that. I'd have to make it chunky-style since I don't have a blender.

    Such a cute little sous-chef you have there! I can't wait until my girls are big enough to help in the kitchen. :D My two year old tries, but mostly makes a mess.

    And now that lime has me singing "Lime in the Coconut" and I need to head off to Youtube to show the children that Maman isn't crazy. LOL

  2. I LOVE your chef demo. I love Rotel and use it in a lot of recipes, including Salsa.

  3. Mmmm. Looks great. I wish I had a cute little helper in my kitchen!

  4. Thanks for the recipe. Perfect for Super Bowl weekend. And your little helper - TOO CUTE!!!

  5. Thank you for all of the fantastic and thoughtful comments, ladies! I really appreciate you stopping by and hope you'll visit again soon :-)