Rodan+Fields Review

My childhood friend, Sara, recently became a Rodan + Fields consultant and sent me a few samples to test and review.  I have crazy sensitive skin, so I enlisted my wonderful neighbor and stellar Girl Scout cookie buyer, Scott, to try out the products. 
 Scott received both a pre-shave exfoliator and a mini-facial kit.

After testing out both products, here are his impressions:

As I read the instruction card and looked in the mirror at my dreadful winter skin, I opened the product and applied. I was a bit apprehensive at first; however, that soon subsided. Just a bit of background on my skin: I’m combination as I have some dry and a few oily places throughout. I’ve tried abrasion products before which ultimately produces an acne breakout or an adverse reaction. I’ve had no adverse reactions and my skin looks as smooth as silk this morning.

I wet my face before realizing that, with this product, doing so was unnecessary. This was definitely a brownie point since you can apply it right out of the package! As I applied the product, it had a fairly neutral spa smell which I appreciate. I gently put the product on and gave my face a good scrub for around a minute and then washed my face.

As I dried my face I immediately noticed the smoothness and that a lot of the dry “wintery” look was gone. As I moved on to the capsules I was instantly sold on this product. Upon opening the capsule and applying it, your skin is instantly smoother than silk.

The final step is a capsule for your lips. I was a bit skeptical but I woke this morning and my lips were smooth and all the dry winter chapping was gone! Definitely an easy and quick product with tremendous results!

I'm super excited by Scott's experience! I get "good neighbor" points with him, Sara gets a customer, and R+F gets some great feedback! 
Everybody wins!

For more information on how to snag these products at 10% off with free shipping, contact Sara at:

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Happy Weekend :)

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