Thoughts for Thursday

Well, tomorrow's the big day! 


Of course both of my girls came down with whopping ear infections early in the week, poor things. Thankfully they're both on antibiotics and have had a good day or two of rest before our new 'normal' begins.

While the girls rested (and I use that term loosely!), they became watercolor fanatics. They cranked out probably close to 50 paintings in two days. 
 Before everyone in our house came down with this nasty bug, we took a quick trip out to Parky's Farm, one of our very favorite spots. Here we are watching the girls climb one of the play structures. So much fun!
 And back to being at home...I spent a lot of time baking and cooking this week, trying to take advantage of the time indoors. I made a huge pot of curried squash soup (recipe coming very soon!) for the freezer and tried out Glorious Treats rocky road cookies with a few variations. I subbed out toasted pecans for walnuts and changed up the drizzle, using equal parts melted chocolate and marshmallow with a splash of heavy cream. Pretty darn close to cookie perfection- highly recommend!
And guess what I've been drinking while shamelessly wolfing down these cookies? Yummy mudslide and coconut mocha k-cups. These two are definitely helping with my resolution not to hit Starbucks once or twice a day!

And these? These two are FANTASTIC.

We also visited a new dentist on Wednesday - I swear if adult doctor's offices were like this one, we'd never shy from making an appointment!
 They even had an old-school Pac-Man game in the lobby! The kids received little swag bags and balloon animals at the end of their visit. 
It was a great experience!
I'm loving seeing all of the back to school pictures on Facebook- we'll be right there with everybody tomorrow, gulp! Off to enjoy my last few moments of no-school-aged children!

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  1. That was a totally different and unexpected day for me. I'm not sure your MIL knows about this, but when I see you remind me to tell you that story.