Thoughts for Thursday

I don't have a whole lot to share this week in the way of random thoughts...shocking, I know! I've spent a good amount of the week on tasks related to Sweet Thing starting kindergarten. We've made, missed and rescheduled dentist appointments, planned the big back-to-school haircut and bought some cute little last minute dresses for Sweet Thing's big foray into the world of public education. 

 In the midst of all of the running around, I got a good laugh out of this little gem:

I've been doing a pretty decent job weaning myself off of my one sometimes two a day Starbucks habit. Saw this and thought perhaps it was created just for me!

Just enjoying these last few moments of summer before fall arrives...

This little sassy-pants will be a teenager before we know it. 
Where does the time go?
 And nothing makes me happier than Sweet Thing bolting from the car in search of ripe cherry tomatoes from our little garden. 
She gobbles them up the way I down Starbucks. 
Off to our last few big adventures in our last full week before school begins...

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