Thoughts for Thursday: Random Events & Back to School Edition!

It's Thursday again, and by brain is full of all sorts of thoughts, mainly about Sweet Thing starting school in a few weeks. It really does fly.

We've been getting our ducks in a row scheduling haircuts, fulfilling school supply lists and making sure the fall wardrobes are stocked...

Can you believe this?!
In my defense, I was not the only mom getting choked up in the supply aisle at Target.
The other day I walked into Sweet Thing's room and she was very carefully coloring in her back-to-school countdown calendar. I am beyond thrilled that she is so excited to start school. Makes my heart break a little less at the thought of sending her off into the world.
I've got a few little ideas for making her first day extra special... I'm planning to make her a little album to keep in her backpack in case she has a moment of homesickness during the school day. She's also spent the past six months plotting the contents of her lunch box. She has big plans for egg salad, ham and cheese (NOT on bread), turkey and all sorts of berries and veggies. 

 I think we're going to go with these containers.
 If you have any recommendations, I'm open to suggestions!
I'm also planning treats for the morning and afternoon bus stop. She is BEYOND excited to ride the bus!

We're trying to make the most out of our last few weeks of summer, so this week we hit a few fun spots like our amazing Findlay Market downtown and the $1 showing of Rio 2 at the local theater.

How cool is this place? Nestled in an area of the city that in undergoing a massive urban renewal, Findlay Market is bustling with a beautifully diverse group of people and is filled with the sounds of street musicians and the aromas of just about any food you could possibly imagine! And, much to my husband's liking, a biergarten. 
We had to try one of these ridiculous waffles from A Taste of Belgium.
And by try, I mean DEVOUR.
 Look at these little turkeys! They had a blast exploring the market!
 And, shockingly, I found myself with a bowl of pad thai. 
 Here's the view as we were leaving- so much fun!
We had our super fun old neighbors in town for a visit yesterday- we were so excited they took a little day trip to see us! Here is the Catfish with her 1st ever babysitter, K. She's going into her sophomore year of college this fall, and we are so proud of her!
On a side note, I would be remiss if I didn't mention the absolutely sweet gesture my neighbor, J. made yesterday. Knowing we were expecting company, she brought over this gorgeous arrangement from her garden. Love her!
We're off to Sweet Thing's second soccer practice this afternoon. She is loving every minute of it!

Happy almost weekend!

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