Mum's the Word

I know, I know...again with the goofy title! I just couldn't help myself. 

I mentioned it last week, but I'll say it again. I am FALL PLANTING OBSESSED right now. The temperature is cooling, and I'm starting to see leaves dropping here and there. I've purchased my apple-pumpkin Yankee candle and pumpkin spice creamer, busted out my fall scarves and have begun plotting all of the fall treats I'm planning to make. So naturally, I've also been scoping out all of the amazing fall plants at the local nurseries. 

I am a novice gardener, and I truly mean that. When I go to the garden center I tend to say things like "So I bought a plant that looks like broccoli, only it's pink..." I am trying though, I really am! Fortunately, I am blessed with a neighbor who knows all things horticultural and gives me all sorts of tips  like "honey, I know you love that plant, but it's actually a weed!" Totally disappointing since I was very proud of its rampant growth! I am also very lucky that the previous homeowners did a spectacular job landscaping our home and, on a recent visit, let me pick their brains about how to a) maintain what they've done and b) add some new plants. 

So my neighbor, J. recommended that I try visiting a family-owned nursery about twenty minutes away. The Catfish and I wasted no time and headed right over! 

Look who we saw on the way! I was initially totally petrified about the winding roads of our new town, but seeing fauna like this on a daily basis is amazing.

So I definitely planned to photograph the plants at the nursery, but I was like a kid in a candy store. Row after row of beautiful mums in every color imaginable filled an entire field. There were lush, colorful hanging baskets and vibrant heads of ornamental cabbage as well as pumpkins and gourds of all different sizes and shapes. 

The nursery, Allyson's Gardens, is family owned and operated, and I can't say enough positive things about our experience. The owner's mother answered all of my questions and even kept a straight face when I'm sure I sounded ridiculous and indecisive! 

Allyson's even had a fun little area for the kids to play. The Catfish loves this sort of thing, so she was all over it! 
When we got home, the Catfish suited up, grabbed a shovel and went to work.
 She was a big help planing my ornamental cabbage! I decided to plant it over by the herbs since I'd just cut down giant stalks of dill and trimmed back my rosemary and basil. I am looking forward to seeing the reds and purples the cooler temperatures bring!
 After trimming back most of the plants in this front bed (I will definitely mix up all of the names, so I will just say "plants" and call it a day! Hey, it's all about knowing your own limitations, right?), I planted a few mums and the aforementioned "pink broccoli". Next week I'm hoping to split some of the lilies to fill in the empty spots. 
 And, without further ado, here is the incredible basket I mentioned. Every time I pull into the driveway, it just makes me happy!
 I putzed around in the backyard a bit too, but I didn't take any pictures. While on a quick run to Meijer the other day, I found a HUGE selection of summer bloomers for 75% off and bought a few for the back yard. The hydrangea and rose of Sharon I planted a few months ago are blooming, so I am definitely feeling encouraged!

One last little funny for you. 

I thought I'd surprise my hubby by mowing the yard while he was at work. I have NEVER even attempted to start a mower, let alone actually mow. I mowed for what seemed like an eternity, taking  frequent breaks to lie flat on the ground and contemplate quitting/crying/eating chocolate. 

When my husband got home, I went on and on about how much work it was and how badly my back hurt. After pausing for a minute, he gently asked "You do know that the mower is self-propelled, right?" Um, no, no I sure did not. I pushed that beast ALL over the front, side and back yard. Ouch.

I was so proud of getting through it that I took photographic evidence.
On the bright side, I used it as an excuse to devour a big, old brownie.

My tenure as resident lawn mower is over, and I will stick to mislabeling plants and growing beautiful weeds!

Happy almost weekend, friends. 

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  1. Haha I died at the law mowing part. Last summer I mowed the lawn a bunch since I was home, and was so proud of myself... Until Tom had to gently tell me my lawn mowing services were no longer needed since I couldn't keep a straight line to save my life. FAIL!