Fun Finds and Fixations...

I was stalking the Nordstrom website and came across this gem:

It's Nordstrom's new site, Pop-In, and it is AWESOME.
It's Nordstrom's way of keeping its finger on the pulse of what's new and exciting in the world of fashion. In my first five minutes of browsing I beefed up my "to try" list of recipes by reading a list of drool-worthy summer berry dishes, checked out some fun new fall accessories and was introduced to three up and coming sunglass brands. Man, a girl could lose a day on this site!

And then there's this:

If you know me, you know that Kate Spade is my go-to gal for all things shoe and handbag. Well a few months ago, she introduced a new line, Kate Spade Saturday.
The Saturday line skews a little bit more youthful than the classic line, and the prices are definitely lower. Don't get me wrong, I am still a classic Kate devotee, but Saturday is a fun addition to her empire!

Fall mums-
currently obsessed and trying to hold out before buying any until it's not 100 degrees outside.
 That is all.

I'm pretty sure I need this JCrew cashmere boyfriend sweater in, um, all 16 colors. Just saying.

Also loving these videos:
These FREE yoga videos are great! The instructor makes the practice really accessible and throws in a little humor for good measure. Love her routines for a quick Vinyasa Flow practice!

And finally, I stalk Bed, Bath and Beyond's Yankee Candle of the Month sale and am super excited to go grab one of these babies: 
When I found this creamer

 at the grocery this morning, I knew it was time to get the fall decor going at my house. Looking forward to cooler days, scarves, pumpkin picking, changing leaves, the whole nine yards. 

Have a wonderful rest of your week, and I'll be back next week with a recipe!

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