Fall Window Craft

It's officially Fall, so break out your favorite pumpkin candle and get crafting!

We spend a lot of time in our kitchen, so it's nice to have a homemade craft up to admire during meals, board games, etc. Because we bought a stainless steel refrigerator that doesn't have a magnetic surface, all of the girls' art projects have been relegated to our playroom display in the basement.  We've found that these windows in our breakfast room are great for craft displays.
Here are all of the things you'll need for this craft:
two eye droppers
coffee filters
food dye 
brown construction paper
small bowls
a pan with high sides (like Pyrex)
double stick tape
Press 'n Seal (optional!)

Start by cutting out your trunk and branches then use double-sided tape to stick it to a clean window.
Add a few drops of food coloring to about 1/4 cup of water.
Place one coffee filter at a time into your dish then let your little friend(s) go to work with the dropper and colored water.
Look at that focus :)

I was pleasantly surprised that neither of my artists spilled colored water anywhere outside of their dishes. In the interest of not jinxing myself on that one, I cautiously waited until everything was cleaned up before saying that one out loud.
Once you've finished, lie each coffee filter flat on a cardboard box to dry overnight.
After cutting out different leaf shapes, you're ready to start decorating!
And, maybe if you're lucky, you'll step away from the camera and find this little gem when you edit your pictures, courtesy of your budding 3 year old photographer!
You can add a layer of Press 'n Seal along with a construction paper border at the end of the craft to give it a more finished look. We opted not to do this, and the girls have delighted in re-sticking any leaves that fall on the floor over the course of the day.  

You'll know your craft was a success if someone kisses it. 
Strange, but true.
Happy Weekend!

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