DIY- Summer Tabletop Decor

I've been on a kick lately to spruce up our deck!
One of my very favorite things about our not-so-new-anymore house is the backyard, so we tend to spend a lot of our time on the deck during the warm months. Last week, I made a few simple additions to our deck decor to make the space feel more like an extension of the house and less like a separate space.

I got so excited about the changes that I totally neglected to take a "before" picture!
I started by adding this fun patterned rug from Target to give a pop of color and define the lower part of the deck.

Then I played around with some lanterns from Hobby Lobby ($10 ea. after 50% off promo) along with a candle, some spray paint (because I can't stop spray painting things!) and some vase filler.
Here are the two LED candles and a box of shell vase filler ($10) that I snagged at Target.
Since I was planning to spray the candles the same color as the planters on my deck, I was just going to use a set of two white candles. 
Sitting behind the 2-packs was this returned set of candles, clearance priced at just under $7!
I covered the plastic wick with masking tape,
Then I gave two good coats of Rustoleum navy spray paint that I had leftover from a planter project I did a few weeks ago.
After letting the paint dry overnight, I added the seashell vase filler and candles to the lanterns.
You can find similar shells here:
Super simple addition to my summer table to add some visual interest with a pop of color and some fun, beachy vibes!
Hope your summer season is off to a fun start!


  1. Oh I love it Alison! I love my deck too but since we've had our new pup I can't have pot plants and it's very messy! Looking forward to doing up mine sometime soon too! Though it's freezing in Tasmania at the moment anyway. Great job! I love the lantern.

  2. Very pretty - I'm a Target clearance addict too :)


  3. Oh wow! Love this. Thanks for sharing.

  4. You have me laughing when you said you can't stop spray painting things. Me too! I am constantly finding paint on my finger or my clothes. LOL

    I love the blue color you used to paint those candles and the rug you got at Target is gorgeous!! I would love it if you would join the link party I am doing and show everyone your creativity (if you feel like it)

    Thanks so much for sharing this!

  5. I love this. So simple but beautiful

  6. Aah! That is too cute! I love it so much!