The Great Christmas Tree Hunt of 2015

Every year we bundle up and trek through a near-forest of green in search of the perfect Christmas tree. We've done it in near blizzard conditions pregnant chasing a toddler, and we've done it in balmy 60 degree temperatures in rain boots and a sweatshirt pulling two little ladies on a sled. The experience is much like childbirth in that it is painful, exhausting and often filled with screaming, but you can't wait to do it again once you see the end result. You definitely get a little bit of amnesia and don't remember until you're standing on the top of the hill, snack-less, with two little voices alternating between demands of food and potty that you swore last year you'd just cave and buy your tree at Lowe's. It's the worst and the best, and I will probably do it again every year for the rest of my life.

Since we are new to the area, we had to find a different tree farm this year. We lucked out and found a fantastic place about ten minutes from our house. Big Tree Plantation has it down to a science. They offer Santa visits, complimentary hot chocolate, a sweet little holiday store filled with decorations, wagon rides up to the farm and volunteers from the local boys' lacrosse team to tie your tree to the roof of your car. This place was awesome!
We convinced the wagon's driver to take our picture. Now we have a grand total of about five pictures of the four of us since I'm always the one taking the picture!
 This arrangement lasted all of about six seconds, but it was very cute while it lasted!
I leveraged the free hot chocolate to get my smiling picture of my little angels, ha.
 After nearly an hour of searching ,we found our perfect tree. At just shy of 11 feet, we went a little crazy this year!
Once the tree was home and firmly planted in its stand, it was time to lift our little elves up to hang our ornaments.
We only broke about fifty.
Here's the final product. So worth all of the blood, sweat, tears, scrapping elves and eternally dropping needles...
Speaking of elves, we watched Elf with the girls yesterday for the first time.
 Love that movie! 

This morning at the grocery store, the Catfish accosted an elderly lady who offered her a marshmallow sample, yelling "Is there sugar in syrup? Then YES!!!!"

Ten days and counting...

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