Cranberry Bellinis

 I love a good festive cocktail around the holidays!

Last weekend our friends came from out of town for a little pre-Thanksgiving celebration, so it was the perfect time to fancy up my favorite Prosecco with some holiday flavor.
This is quite possibly the easiest drink recipe ever. 

To make:
1 bottle of Prosecco
1 cup cranberry juice (Ocean Spray 100% is my fave!)
1 wedge of your favorite citrus (orange or lime) per glass
Fresh cranberries (chilled)

Combine first three ingredients, topping with fresh cranberries and serve. 
Easy peasy.

You can get wild and crazy and add a splash of orange liquor or make a simple syrup by cooking down your cranberries with some sugar and water then straining them and adding the cooled liquid to the Prosecco, but this is a quick and easy (and impressive!) recipe that leaves you more time to focus on the meal, your friends and, hello, the drinking of this cocktail!


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