Hump Day Humor

It's time for more funnies! 
I love writing about crafts, cooking, decorating, etc., but it's a nice change of pace to share some of my favorite silly finds.

So it's been over a week, and I am still recovering from the nonsense that is Daylight Savings.

Have you read this yet? It is hilarious!
I keep coming across it in different places, and it ALWAYS makes me laugh.
 Read more of this text exchange here...

We live in a super hilly area with so many little pockets where my phone has no signal that my children now shout "Dead Zone!" whenever I drop a call in the car.
 Super funny but also slightly creepy.

Saw this, and it felt like it was directed right at me! 
I will definitely be stealing this line...

See above statement for why this meme is actually a thing.

And in my quest for funnies, I came across this gem:

Happy Wednesday, Friends!


  1. Cute finds, Alison!!

    I love that Lion King one. :) It's SO true! I have to do it in my own house sometimes!!

  2. So funny! I'm trying to stifle a laugh cause it's really early and my roommate is asleep...

  3. I think I've actually said to my kids that I'm the meanest mom ever because it's in the mommy handbook.