Leaf Pile Madness

It's October, so you know that that means.
We had a break in the seemingly endless stretch of rainy days, so I steeled myself and busted out the rake and lawnmower yesterday.
Let me just tell you: it is RIDICULOUSLY easier to mow a yard once you are aware that your mower has a self-propel feature. 
Just saying.
Anyway, once the leaves had been gathered and the yard mowed, it was time for one of our very favorite activities. In fact, when we bought our house, both my girls almost immediately inquired about fall leaf piles!
 When Daddy got home, it was time to party.
These two were fearless!
 They raced and jumped and squealed with delight.
 They also got a big kick out of hiding in the leaves...
Nice mommy that I am, I raked a dog-bomb free pile from our side yard.  
 Sweet Thing took breaks here and there to munch on some late-season cherry tomatoes from our garden. She is hilarious with those tomatoes!
 And, before I go, I thought I'd share this fun site I found that gives you the dates for peak foliage color in your area. Click here to visit the site.
Happy Fall to you all!

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