Decor Hack- Storing Your Seasonal Home Accents

As each season comes to an end, I get the itch to break out the next season's decorations...
The tons of fall pins floating around (and don't even get me started on how early I saw fall decor at Hobby Lobby and Michaels!), and the first day below 80 degrees killed any willpower I had left to keep my summer decor out any longer...
I get a little tired of looking at the same decor all of the time, so I have quite a few decor pieces that I like to swap out as the seasons change. It freshens up the look of my house and keeps things from getting boring. I love the way a good decor piece can change the whole feel of a space, and it's a fun way to usher in each new season just by making a few simple adjustments around the house.

At the end of every season after staring at each set-up for roughly three months straight, I am absolutely positive that I will remember where things go the following year.
Wishful thinking for sure! 
Instead I'm usually wandering around trying to figure out which piece goes where.

To try and maximize my organization, I use a clear Sterilite bin labeled with each season.
 This year, I decided to take a few minutes to shoot a couple of quick pictures of each space in my house where I make seasonal decor changes. 
I pulled the pictures into a Publisher file and added a quick description below each item then printed off a copy to keep in the storage bin for that particular season.
Next year I'll be able to use it as a reference and put things back where I had them or easily tweak locations a bit for a new look. 

I'm hoping that this little decor hack will decrease the amount of times I pull something out of storage spend fifteen minutes wondering where on Earth it lived the previous year.  

I may have gotten an early start on the fall decorating; it's back up in the high 80s here, but in my house it's pure fall! 

Stay tuned for my fall home tour soon...

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