Christmas OBSESSED.

As soon as the temperature falls below 60 degrees, I am consumed by Christmas. I am one of those people who fights the urge to decorate the instant that Halloween is over, yes, but I'm owning it! 
Thank goodness my husband draws the line at putting up the tree before Thanksgiving otherwise, I'd have THAT on my conscience!

Since this will be our first Christmas in our new home, I'm doing a lot of pinning and Google searching to find ideas for front door, mantle and dining room table decorations.

I've decided on two small trees flanking our front door and thankfully found one heck of a deal at Michaels this morning! Check it out here! Now I just have to figure out how to get the tree bases to stay in my planters.
 I'm thinking maybe foam blocks? Ideas welcome!
 I love the aesthetic here. I'm taking baby steps and will probably deck out our windows next Christmas since I have some many other decorations to figure out in the next few weeks.
I came across this front porch decor and was a little bewildered. 
That's like roughly $600 worth of Hunter boots... I have no words.
Beyond the front door, I'm on the lookout for a pretty, festive tablescape for my dining room. There are so many great ideas out there...thinking I'd like to incorporate candles and some fresh greenery into mine like the two below...
And I will definitely have some of these around the house! 
There's nothing better than a house that smells like Christmas.
If you're in the market for some new decorations, I love, love, love Target's 2014 Christmas line.
They just keep upping the ante every year!
Here are a few of my faves: 

In saving all of these pictures, it is now apparent to me that I am GOLD OBSESSED this year. 

In other related news, the Catfish threw down leaving preschool this morning screaming at the top of her lungs, "I want to go to Target to look at Christmas decorations!"
It was awful and awesome at the same time as I was filled with both pride and shame. 

Can't wait to share my decorations once they're finished!

Happy Holidays!

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